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Welcome to the new Home Page for Ian’s Books.

The page you used to land on is still here Ian’s Books. But, with me adding new content constantly, it was getting a bit cluttered and messy, so I have made it a child of this new landing page.

For those who don’t know me, let me give you a short introduction,

My name is Ian McKenzie

Clicking that link will take you to my personal Facebook page where you can learn more about me if you wish, but I shall give a few brief biographical details here.

With a career mainly involved in the education sector, at the age of seventy, I retired from my last job as a part-time lecturer in December 2016. I started authoring and self-publishing books in 2012. Those early publications were designed mainly to assist my students who were postgraduate international professionals. Most of my more recent publications have been oriented towards photography, which is a passion of mine.

A month or so ago, I started a new Blog site to which I try to contribute an article at least weekly. So, most of my latest thoughts etc., can be read there.

Ian McKenzie’s Latest News

The blog site above also lists my other Facebook pages which will indicate other areas of interest of mine. To contact me, probably the easiest is via messages on Facebook. I do have an email account which now in retirement, I tend to use very infrequently. Perhaps I associate emails with work, and go onto avoidance mode!

Most of the books I have published were originally published as paperbacks. These all have ISBN’s, so are potentially available from all international book sellers. However, I do have author’s pages with some of the major book publishers. Going to these pages will list the books I have with them. You will find them all listed on my former home page called Ian’s Books.

The Internet and modern technology has had a profound affect on what we do these days and how we do it. Reading is not exempt from this. Personally, generally my preference is to read whilst holding an actual book made from paper in my hands. But, there are both pros and cons of the other ways we can now read.

E-books have an advantage over paperbacks in that hundreds, even thousands, of books can be stored in a small hand-held device such as an iPad or smart phone. Books using these devices can also be accessed in unlimited numbers through Cloud storage.

Most E-books are in EPUB versions and most readers can read these. Amazon have their own format called Kindle. And, there are PDF versions also.

Most of my recent publications are available in each of the above formats.

Even more recent technology uses HTML5 and Flash to produce Flipping Books and Magazines. As the name implies, each book page can be flipped, and the publications can also be interactive.

I have purchased this software and have already started converting my recent publications into Flip Books. More are coming, but you can see the books I have already converted if you go to my Bookcase.

One advantage in publishing my books as flip books is that I am able to provide preview pages before someone makes a purchase. If you click on any book in my Bookcase, you will see a preview tab appear below the icon of the book. Clicking that preview tab will enable you to view the first ten pages of the book.

I do plan on producing some online magazines later this year, and the software was purchased with the production of these primarily in mind. There are two different magazines I am planning, and in the last week, May 2017, I have set up a web site for them both. You may like to take a look. Models Actors Performers and South East Queensland Living.


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